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What Is E-Rate?

Are you curious about what E-rate is, and how you get started? This series will walk you through getting up to 80% of your Wi-Fi project paid for.

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Technology programs in schools are driven by the leadership. What do tech-friendly leaders have in common?

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When it comes to upgrading your operating system on your devices, should you do it immediately? This article gives you some guidelines to consider.

Why Would An Organization Outsource Its Wi-Fi?

Learn first-hand from an IT Director how this role is being asked to do more with fewer resources. As needs grow, outsourcing Wi-Fi is making sense.

HiveSchool Is In Session – Having Fun At ISTE 2016

A fun photo gallery provides a glimpse into ISTE 2016 for any who missed it, and a school IT Director tells us the value he gets out of attending this show.

E-rate: How ‘BEAR’ Lets Schools Deploy Now, Get Reimbursed Later

E-rate deadline extensions mean funding delays, but the BEAR reimbursement method lets schools start their deployments as soon as they file Form 471.

4 iOS 10 Features on My Wishlist – Aerohive Boundless

iOS 8 and 9 have matured the platform in a lot of ways, but there is still some low hanging fruit for the future with Bradley’s iOS 10 wish list.

Are Students Struggling With Too Many Digital Logins?

Cloud services are ideal for schools because they are easy to deploy and manage, but students end up juggling ten logins for each individual platform.

IoT Is Giving Brick-And-Mortar Stores Ammo Against Online Shopping

Learn how IoT and other technology is giving brick-and-mortar stores the ammo they need to compete with online shopping.

Top iPhone Apps For Busy Professionals

iPhone is more than a phone. It’s a pocket computer busy professionals depend on, and it needs apps to be useful. Bradley reviews some favorites.