Can You Pay Less For Enterprise Wi-Fi Without Compromise?

Lets start with a simple question. Which of the following would you prefer for your enterprise Wi-Fi deployment:

  • A rich, sophisticated solution with a high feature set … but it comes with higher cost and potentially higher complexity? Or..
  • A lower cost solution that satisfies basic connectivity needs … but may not offer high capacity, reliability, or the ability to scale and adapt with your changing requirements.

Neither option sounds particularly desirable, but given that we are all living in a wireless-first world, our needs or budget will dictate one of the above out of necessity.

Today, many organizations only need basic connectivity, but get stuck with either a SOHO solution, or overspend for a full enterprise solution to get fast, reliable connectivity. And still, they have overpaid for a bunch of features that they will never likely need. 

If you start with a low-end solution, and then decide that you want to enhance the sophistication of your deployment, you will probably need to rip and replace it. Why? Because the vast majority of solutions in the marketplace either serve basic needs with a low-cost product, or offer a high-feature set product with high cost. 

Few vendors provide both product offerings, and those that do offer no easy path to move between products if a customer outgrows their current deployment.

That said, plenty of organizations will of course be satisfied with their Wi-Fi deployment. But eventually the time will come to upgrade to the latest standard, add new offices, increase security and visibility etc. At that point you have to assess whether or not you continue with what you have, or take a new solution direction.

So when the time comes, is it possible to have enterprise connectivity without the above compromises? In short, yes!

The economics of Wi-Fi, thanks to cloud networking, is shifting in your favor. Connect is a new cloud networking solution from Aerohive that delivers enterprise 802.11ac connectivity, cloud management, and interactive support starting at $229…yes $229. That’s just crazy talk! It’s true …

Connect is built on the same platform as Aerohive’s full mobility solutions, but serves organizations who simply require great connectivity, centralized management tools, low cost, and the ability to seamlessly upgrade their services and features if needed, without complexity.

Knowing that you can make a choice today, without having it penalize you in the future, is certainly refreshing. With the market transitioning to cloud networking and distributed control Wi-Fi architectures, EVERY organization is now in a position to take advantage and get unlimited potential on a limited budget.

Start small, think BIG!

Want to learn more about Connect? Here are some videos and other items to read:



Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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