Can Apple’s iPad Pro Replace The Laptop?

On the latest Out of School podcast, Fraser and Bradley discuss Apple’s new iPad Pro.

Can the iPad Pro – announced earlier this month – replace a laptop? Any device can be your primary device, so your device of choice is based on what task you are asking it to do and where you want to do it. If you are the type of person who sits at a desk all day, I’d venture a traditional laptop is more comfortable and capable. If you are extremely mobile, and your workflows are compatible with iOS, the iPad Pro might be just what the doctor ordered. In either case, with its smart keyboard and stylus, the iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad yet.

As you examine your computing setup, look at your workflows and find the device that fits your needs. There is no wrong answer here. The question is quickly becoming similar to the desktop vs laptop debate of a decade ago. All devices have compromises, and you need to find the one that matches your workflows the best.

Listen in to hear Bradley’s and Fraser’s thoughts on the matter.

Out of School is a syndicated podcast series about education and technology and is run by Bradley Chambers (@bradleychambers), Director of Information Technology for Brainerd Baptist School, and Fraser Speirs (@fraserspeirs), Head of Computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence.

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