British Invasion of Aerohive CWNEs

We go through this exercise every six to twelve months – which is great news for the Wi-Fi space, and fun for me to write about. Once again it gives me great pleasure to announce that Aerohive has two new CWNEs in our midst  – congratulations Neil McRae and Ashley Nurcombe!

In 2015 and 2016, dozens of Aerohive employees attended CWNA training and became certified at the CWNA level. Now, once again, two of those Aerohive employees went the extra mile and earned a CWNE certification.

Neil and Ashley, both of whom reside in the UK, join a growing list of more than 200 card-carrying CWNEs around the world. Read on to learn a little bit more about each of them. (See sidebar below for detailed explanation of the CWNE designation).

Neil McRae, CWNE #191, joined Aerohive as an inside Systems Engineer back in July of 2014. Neil is a now a Senior Technical Architect where he assists Aerohive EMEA customers with complex Wi-Fi designs and integration. Previous to working for Aerohive, Neil was a professional services manager for Wi-Fi distributor, Siracom, as well as The Cloud, a Wi-Fi reseller. Neil graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Network Management Systems from Bournemouth University. Despite all the hours that Neil spends designing Wi-Fi networks for Aerohive customers, he still finds time to enjoy golf, spinning, and drinking Belgium beer. Neil shares his Wi-Fi expertise by contributing regularly to this site. You can read his posts here.

Ashley Nurcombe, CWNE #192, joined Aerohive as an inside Systems Engineer in March 2014, and was promoted to Field Systems Engineer in January 2016. Ashley previously worked in wireless professional services with a broad background on designing and implementing WLAN systems.

Ashley also has a long background in systems design and installation of wireless point-to-point and multipoint solutions. Ashley graduated the University of Staffordshire with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking and Security. In his free time, Ashley enjoys Tough Mudder obstacle races and also has a taste for European craft beers.

A learning machine

About a year ago, I taught a CWNA class in Farnham, UK. Both of them attended that class and made it their personal goal to become CWNEs within a year. I am proud to say that they studied diligently and were able to pass all the necessary exams in an unusually short time. More importantly, I am proud of their real-world WLAN experience and contributions they made at Aerohive during their CWNE journey.

Neil and Ashley have inspired other engineers here at Aerohive and we fully expect more CWNEs in the near future. Aerohive now has eleven CWNEs in our ranks:

1) David Coleman – CWNE #4
Senior Mobility Leader – Knowledge Services: @mistermultipath

2) Metka Dragos – CWNE #23
Senior Product Marketing Manager: @metkadragos

3) Douglas Haider – CWNE #32
Systems Engineer: @wifijedi

4) Troy Martin – CWNE #90
Systems Engineer: @troymart

5) Gregor Vucajnk – CWNE #96
Global Technical Training Manager: @GregorVucajnk

6) Marko Tisler – CWNE #136
International Technical Training Leader:@tishlaar

7) Janet Rae – CWNE #137
Corporate Systems Engineer

8) Ruwan Indika – CWNE #175
Senior Technical Support Engineer: @ruwanindika

9) Jonathan Hurtt  – CWNE #176
Principal Technical Architect: @JonHurtt

10) Neil McRae – CWNE #191
Senior Technical Architect: @neilos1985

11) Ashley Nurcombe – CWNE #192
Field Systems Engineer: @ajnurcombe


We encourage all dedicated WLAN professionals to work towards joining the CWNE fraternity.  Let us know when you get your CWNE number and we will teach you the secret CWNE 4-Way Handshake.

Sidebar: CWNP, founded in 1999, is the IT industry standard for vendor neutral enterprise Wi-Fi certification and training. CWNE is the top-level vendor-neutral certification offered by the CWNP program. To become a CWNE, a WLAN professional must pass four very hard exams about 802.11 wireless networking administration, security, analysis and design. But keep in mind, that passing four tests is only the beginning. All CWNE applicants must establish many years of WLAN experience, meticulously document involvement with numerous WLAN projects and seek endorsements from respected WLAN industry professionals. The CWNP Board of Advisors must approve all CWNE applications. IT professionals in over 150 countries have pursued the foundation level vendor neutral 802.11 certification of Certified Wireless Networking Administrator (CWNA). Many thousands of WLAN professionals are CWNA certified, however, currently less than 200 individuals are card-carrying CWNEs.


David Coleman is a wireless mobility consultant, public speaker, and trainer. For the last twenty years, David has instructed IT professionals from around the globe in enterprise WLAN design, WLAN security, WLAN administration and WLAN troubleshooting. In his spare time, David writes white papers, blogs, and books about enterprise Wi-Fi networking. David is the co-author of Sybex Publishing’s Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Study Guide and numerous other books about Wi-Fi. David is the Senior Product Evangelist for Aerohive Networks and is CWNE #4.

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