Peter Purton

Peter Purton is a London-based writer and editor, specializing in explaining the impact on business of innovations in information and communication technologies.

What Makes Schools So Vulnerable To Cyberattack?

Schools typically don’t have the type of data hackers are after, but they’ve started getting the attention of criminals. What makes schools so vulnerable?

Schools Facing Severe Level Of Cybersecurity Risk

As the “good guys” have improved at traditional security, the “bad guys” have retooled their methods to include social engineering in ransomware attacks.

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It’s high time time to think through best practices for cloud security. Following is a roundup of some expert recommendations published online.

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Ten Steps Businesses Should Take To Protect Against Cyber Crime

With cyber crime on the rise, what steps can enterprises take to protect their businesses, and potentially save millions of dollars in headaches?

Cyber Crime: How Are Governments Protecting Businesses Worldwide?

For cyber crime to be slowed and ultimately stopped, coordination among nations, businesses, and individuals will be required. What’s being done about it?

The Silent Crime Wave

Cyber crime is rising and users are more cautious in their online behavior. Read about the impact this silent crime wave is having on businesses.

How Can You Go On The Offense Against A Ransomware Attack?

In the fight against ransomware, how can IT managers and CIOs go on the offense to protect their networks from attack?