Perry Correll

Perry joined Aerohive, bringing a long and extensive networking background. Starting over 25 years ago with the early ethernet days, (along with Token Ring, FDDI, ATM and even some SNA). From there migrated through the Ethernet switching days and finally into wireless in the days when 11b./g was king and 11a was just getting on its feet. In his current role he is focusing on developing wireless technology beyond just connectivity and leverage it’s inherent mobility and analytic capabilities to provide real business intelligence services to enhance an organizations bottom line. Positions have included, SE, SE Director, Trainer, Product Management and Product Marketing director positions.

Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WPA3 At CES

During the Consumer Electronic Show, the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) has announced enhancements to its Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) program.

Aerohive’s Response To KRACK

Aerohive’s official responses to the KRACK attack news from October 16th, 2017.