Mat Edwards


Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

Is All Enterprise Wi-Fi Equal?

Many Wi-Fi vendors pretend all products are the same. The end user might not know, but the underpinning infrastructure of a product is extremely important.

Wi-Fi Planning And The Need For Speed

Are all claims of Wi-Fi speed created equal? A difference lies in how bandwidth is managed and provisioned. Here’s what to look for.

Setting Expectations For Your Wi-Fi Deployment Plan

For IT departments, a bad Wi-Fi deployment can ruin a lot of credibility. How can CIOs make sure they are making the right decisions?

What 5 Factors Should Drive Your Wi-Fi Purchase Decision?

Enterprise Wi-Fi can be a complicated purchase process. Vendors offer various products and/or solutions. What should drive your purchasing decision?

Can You Pay Less For Enterprise Wi-Fi Without Compromise?

Connect is Aerohive’s cloud networking solution that includes enterprise 802.11ac connectivity, cloud management, and interactive support starting at $229.

Wi-Fi in 2017, 2018 And Beyond … What Really Matters?

Wi-Fi has gone from conference rooms, to BYOD, to mission critical, and then to the normal operations. What matters when choosing a Wi-Fi solution in 2017?

SD-LANs And The (Rapidly Increasing) Evolution Of Networks

Mobile devices have changes the way we view business processes and productivity. How do IT managers cope with new demands placed on their networks?

Accelerating The Move To Outsourced Enterprise Wi-Fi

It makes sense for customers to outsource their wireless networks, and shift focus from Wi-Fi management to transforming how they do business.

Next Generation Retail In Action

As retailers look to the future, who can they model their plans and goals after? The hosts look as some success stories from retail.

How Do You Overcome Technology Challenges In Retail?

In part 2 of this 3-part audio series, two experts discuss the challenges that retail environments face when deploying new technology.