Mat Edwards


Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

Aerohive Atom AP30: Enterprise Coverage At A Great Price

When the Wi-Fi first came to the enterprise, it had two things that were commonplace: it was expensive, and it was complicated. The tricky thing for the Wi-Fi industry is as the technology for WLAN’s got better, our devices continued to push the boundaries of the network. If the access points could provide faster access, […]

How To Install A Wallplate AP & Switch In Less Than 2 Minutes

The AP150W, a new Cloud-managed, wall-plate 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point/Switch combo.

How SD-LAN Is Changing the LAN Landscape

As SD-LAN begins to hit more enterprise networks, it’s going to change the way IT administrators deploy, manage, and troubleshoot forever.

SD-LAN vs LAN: What Are The Key Differences?

SD-LAN is a reimagining of what the LAN looks and acts like. What are the key differences?

A Flexible Approach To High-Performance Wi-Fi

Aerohive has extended Connect from a few APs, to a complete product line of Wave 2 access points with dual 5GHz radios, and high capacity, cloud-managed switches.

Why You Might Be Paying Double for 802.11ac Wave 2

Is 802.11ac Wave 2 providing as-advertised benefits? Not when it comes to 2×2 Wave 2 APs, which offer the same speed as Wave 1 but at a higher price.

Beyond Connectivity: How Can Wi-Fi Use Apps For Insights?

Connectivity is a given for a modern WLAN network. The value and ROI of new Wi-Fi deployment are the apps and insights on top of the network.

What Does Secure Wi-Fi Look Like In 2017?

For all the positives that Wi-Fi coverage can bring, IT administrators also must consider the security precautions around staff and guest Wi-Fi.

The 5 Economic Advantages To Life Without Wi-Fi Controllers

There are a lot of technical reasons for moving away from controller-based WLAN solutions, but what impact does controller-less Wi-Fi have on the price?

Does Your Next WLAN Have These Five Features?

Shopping for a Wi-Fi solution? Here are some good points where you can challenge vendors.