Kathleen Hedde


Kathleen Hedde drives product marketing and channel adoption for Aerohive’s managed services programs (MSP and Hospitality Service Providers), Cloud Networking platform and open API platform.

Aerohive introduces A3, a better way to secure all devices on the access network – including IoT!

We are very excited to launch A3, Aerohive’s entry into the secure access management market. A3 is a powerful solution, that includes very comprehensive functionality for onboarding, authentication and network access control, for ALL devices on the access network. That includes wired and wireless corporate clients like laptops, the BYOD that employees bring onto the […]

How Making Network Analytics Tools Smarter Helps Network Admins Optimize Network Performance

Comparative analytics is an industry innovation: a big data toolset that provides smarter network performance analytics for network admins, to assist them in proactively tuning network performance.

How MSPs Can Simplify Multi-Tenancy Network Management

Aerohive has announced some key features for managed service providers to make managing their networks even easier!

Why Hospitality Service Providers Are Taking Their Business Forward With Aerohive

Hospitality service providers are taking note of Aerohive’s tiered solution offering that allows them to address the historically underserved value segment.