Eastman Rivai


Eastman Rivai is a Senior Technical Support Engineer for Aerohive Networks. He has been working within the wireless industry for over a decade where he has been involved in many complex wireless deployments and dealing with challenging wireless solutions. He holds a Master of Engineering Science degree in Communications.

Hidden Nodes Could Be Degrading Your Wi-Fi Network Performance

In the final entry in the “Don’t Blame The Wi-Fi” series, Eastman looks at how Hidden Node issues can degrade your network without you knowing.

Can AP Transmit Power Cause Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems?

When it comes to avoiding Wi-Fi problems, does lowering antenna transmit power help avoid CCI? Learn about mismatch transmit-power and asymmetric power.

Did You Know Non-802.11 Devices Can Interfere With Your Wi-Fi?

In this installment of our Don’t Blame the Wi-Fi series, Eastman Rivai reveals how non-802.11 devices can interfere with connectivity.

Do You Know The Real Culprit(s) Of Your Wi-Fi Issues?

In this installment of our “Don’t Blame the Wi-Fi” series, Eastman Rivai looks at how Adjacent Channel Interference can impact connectivity.

Don’t Blame The Wi-Fi

People are quick to blame slow Wi-Fi … on the Wi-Fi, yet RF interference, configuration, and design are the most common causes of connectivity issues.