Devyani Pisolkar

Devyani is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive where she helps drive marketing strategy, adoption and overall success of Aerohive's wired and wireless LAN solutions.

How Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking Just Got Radically Simpler

Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Switch Stacking solution is a cloud-managed stacking technology for Aerohive and Broadcom switches.

Taking Affordable Enterprise Wi-Fi For A Test Ride

Following this step-by-step guide for configuring Connect allows users to set up a HiveManager account in just SIX clicks.

How Custom-Ordered Wi-Fi Means Enterprise Connectivity For Everyone

WLAN choices have been all or none. In response, Aerohive created an affordable entry-point: 802.11ac Wi-Fi for 1/3 the price of competing vendors.