David Coleman


David Coleman is a wireless mobility consultant, public speaker, and trainer. For the last twenty years, David has instructed IT professionals from around the globe in enterprise WLAN design, WLAN security, WLAN administration and WLAN troubleshooting. In his spare time, David writes white papers, blogs, and books about enterprise Wi-Fi networking. David is the co-author of Sybex Publishing’s Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Study Guide and numerous other books about Wi-Fi. David is the Senior Product Evangelist for Aerohive Networks and is CWNE #4.

Designing WLANS: What If We Could Double Our Airtime At 5GHz?

Because the 5GHz band offers more frequency space and cleaner RF, it’s time to rethink discussions about designing for capacity and airtime consumption.

Two New CWNEs Join The List Of Advanced Wi-Fi Experts

Two new Aerohive employees have earned elite CWNE status. Read to find out who they are and how they got here.

2.4 GHz Channel Planning

For all its simplicity to the end user, Wi-Fi is really an incredibly complex technology. In this series, we “get back to the basics” of the technology. Because I have been in the Wi-Fi industry for 12+ years, I sometimes forget that the technology is still a young technology. To this day I find that […]