Craig Mathias


Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, an advisory firm specializing in wireless networking and mobile IT. Founded in 1991, Farpoint Group works with technology developers, manufacturers, carriers and operators, enterprises, and the financial community. Craig is an internationally-recognized industry and technology analyst, consultant, conference and event speaker, and author. He currently writes columns for Boundless, Connected Futures,, and various sites at TechTarget. Craig holds an Sc.B. degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and is a member of the Society of Sigma Xi and the IEEE.

5G Cellular: Why Wi-Fi Not Just Survives, but Prospers

As cellular 5G enters testing, Wi-Fi will continue to be needed, and will actually grow. 5G will solve problems, but it’s ones Wi-Fi is solving today.

Learning About 5G Cellular: The Technologies

As 5G cellular technology comes closer to market, comparisons will be made to Wi-Fi technology. We examine 5G cellular even closer to see how close to Wi-Fi it is.

Setting The Record Straight On 5G Cellular: What It Is – And Isn’t

In this series, we explore 5G cellular technology – how it isn’t a threat to Wi-Fi, and why Wi-Fi will continue to prosper even as 5G becomes the norm.

What is SD-LAN?

What is SD-LAN? For starters, it builds on SDN and SD-WANs to create a new way to build adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective networks. Read on …

What Are The Benefits of SD-LAN?

In the final part of the series, Craig Mathias lays out 7 benefits that IT Managers realize when they deploy SD-LAN on their networks

What Are The Requirements For SD-LAN?

There are a lot of benefits that SD-LAN bring to organizations, but how do IT Directors justify deploying it on their networks?

Introducing the Software-Defined LAN: SDN at the Edge, and More

SD-LAN is more than just protocols. It’s about moving software-driven networks to the edge (switches and Wi-Fi) to meet end-user demands.

What’s Next For Location-Based Services?

As location based technologies have matured, networks will have to be optimized, and management tools will have to be enhanced to take full advantage.

What Are Use Cases For Location-Based Services?

As IT managers consider what location-based services can do for their organization, here are some ways that industries are implementing it.

What Are Location-Based Services?

Wi-Fi is about coverage, availability, and throughput, but it is also known for location and tracking. In this series, we unravel location-based services.