Craig Mathias


Craig J. Mathias is a Principal with Farpoint Group, an advisory firm specializing in wireless networking and mobile IT. Founded in 1991, Farpoint Group works with technology developers, manufacturers, carriers and operators, enterprises, and the financial community. Craig is an internationally-recognized industry and technology analyst, consultant, conference and event speaker, and author. He currently writes columns for Boundless, Connected Futures,, and various sites at TechTarget. Craig holds an Sc.B. degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and is a member of the Society of Sigma Xi and the IEEE.

Make The Most Of Available Wi-Fi Spectrum In An 802.11ac World

For Wi-Fi networks, spectrum is the most valuable commodity. 2.4 Ghz is still viable spectrum, and it’s crucial to some networks if they have older devices.

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Controllers Are Dead (And Why)

All technology has its time. For WLAN controllers, it’s long been time for IT managers to move to controller-less enterprise W-Fi solutions.

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