Alexandra Gates


Alexandra Gates is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive Networks, where she helps define market strategy and vision for the cloud and WLAN products. She is a CWNA with a comprehensive background in wireless technology, including capacity and management planning, RF design, network implementation, and general industry knowledge.

What Does 802.11ax Change About The WLAN Standard?

Last time, we looked at the goals of the 802.11ax standard. Let’s break down some of the important changes 11ax introduces (in no particular order). First introduced in 802.11ac, MU-MIMO technology theoretically allows the simultaneous transmitting of multiple frames to different receivers at the same time on the same channel using multiple RF streams to provide […]

What Are The Goals of The 802.11ax Standard?

Last time, we looked how at 802.11ax is going to address common Wi-Fi problems. Before getting more into HOW it’s going to do all these things we need to go back to the basics for a minute. As a reminder, RF is a half-duplex medium, which means that only one radio can transmit on a […]

How Does 802.11ax Address Common Problems With Wi-Fi?

802.11n and 802.11ac introduced some great new technology including PHY and MAC layer enhancements that helped achieve higher data rates. In essence, we built bigger highways and faster cars.

How To Pick Which Access Point Is Best For Your Network

Last time, we looked at how 802.11ac has become the industry standard since its ratification in 2014. For the first half of 2018, 802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest option for speed gains, with theoretical bandwidth over 1 Gbps. However, towards the middle of 2018, a new standard — 802.11ax will be released that focuses […]

The Ratification of 802.11ac, And Its Use Cases

Last time, we looked at the 802.11n standard. In January 2014, the IEEE approved the 802.11ac standard. With this standard, several advances were realized, including more dense modulation (this just means packing more data onto the same radio wave), more channel bonding (think of this as taking two 2-lane highways and turning them into a […]

Leading Up To 802.11ax

In this new series, we are looking at 802.11ax and how it’s not just an improvement, but a game changer, versus 802.11ac. Delivering a quality Wi-Fi experience can often seem like a complex, ongoing journey through changing WLAN standards and emerging technologies, and the continued promise the next standard will be “the one”. The next fast approaching […]

Looking Back At The 802.11 Standard – Wi-Fi Basics

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), who write the 802.11 standards, is one of the names you will see most in any networking arena. They create and vet the standards, and, along with chipmakers and vendors, bring these standards to specifications and to the market. Another name to know is the Wi-Fi Alliance, […]

Education Wi-Fi Buyers Guide For 2018

Educators are faced with unique problems when considering how best to implement their networking infrastructure. In this guide, we will break down what to look for.

What Is E-Rate?

Are you curious about what E-rate is, and how you get started? This series will walk you through getting up to 80% of your Wi-Fi project paid for.

Wi-Fi Back To The Basics: Radio Frequency And Antenna Concepts

Different types of antennas impact Wi-Fi/WLAN coverage. Read how omnidirectional, semidirectional, and highly directional power Wi-Fi networks.