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At Aerohive, we help IT radically simplify wireless and wired access with Cloud Networking. Our technology is sophisticated yet straightforward, offers unrivaled choice and flexibility, and continually solves real world problems with continuous innovations.

The Coolest New Tech at NRF 2019? We Think it’s HiveManager Shortcuts

A decade ago, a retail IT team was in charge of things you typically think of when it comes to IT. They had to maintain servers, keep the POS system running, and secure the network. Retail has evolved drastically in the past few years. Shoppers aren’t just shopping online. They’re browsing online, visiting stores, searching for […]

HiveCare Support Is Here For You!

2019 is officially up and running, and Aerohive is excited about all the new enhancements coming. One thing we want to make sure Aerohive customers know is that we are here for you 24/7 365 days a year. Aerohive’s HiveCare Support gives you peace-of-mind that you have world-class support with all your Aerohive products and services. If […]

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Aerohive for Your Retail Wi-Fi Solution

Aerohive offers a complete ecosystem of products for retail environments. If you are looking to take your retail Wi-Fi solution to the next level for your employees and customers, we can offer everything you need. Our personalized engagement platform delivers a lot of value for your business operations beyond just Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to […]

Top Ten Resolutions for Josh Dooms – The Cranky IT Guy

In our year-end clean up, our staff came across the 2019 resolutions for one of the most cranky IT person we’ve ever seen. While a lot of people are making resolutions to save money or get in shape for the new year, Josh Dooms, is coming up with plans to make the lives of his […]

HiveCast #9: HiveManager Shortcuts with Amazon Alexa

In this episode of HiveCast, Bradley is joined by Kathleen Hedde to learn more about HiveManager Shortcuts, AI-Driven HiveManager, and Amazon Alexa support. Links “Alexa, Open Aerohive HiveManager” How to Connect HiveManager Shortcuts to Amazon Alexa AI-Driven HiveManager  

Aerohive Delivers 50+ Innovations in 2018

We want to thank our customers, partners, and hard-working employees for their loyalty throughout 2018. Our focus in 2019 will be to finish our ISO27001 certification in early 2019, continued innovation in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, adding new Security capabilities, along with maintaining our leadership as an 802.11ax leader and innovator. We’ve had a […]

How to Connect HiveManager Shortcuts to Amazon Alexa

In this video demo, we walk you through how to connect Amazon Alexa to HiveManager Shortcuts. HiveManager Shortcuts is a new way to manage and monitor your enterprise network. Most network management tasks today are performed from a computer, via a management console. However, enterprise networks these days are becoming ever more complex and are often […]

“Alexa, Open Aerohive HiveManager”

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, HiveManager Shortcuts is a new way to manage and monitor your enterprise network. We’re excited to announce that it’s now available to use (at no additional charge for Aerohive customers!) If you want to get started, we’ve provided setup instructions below. If you’d like to setup the account […]

Aerohive Launches New Regional Data Center in South Korea

Aerohive has always aimed to give IT departments a choice in how they deploy our products and services. Organizations have different requirements, and we want our products to be flexible enough to fit every scenario. Aerohive was one of the early leaders in cloud-managed networking. Even in those early days, some customers were unsure about […]

HiveCast #8: Secure Access Management with Aerohive A3

In this episode of HiveCast, Bradley is joined by Kathleen Hedde to discuss how Aerohive A3 helps IT managers manage onboarding and device management. Links Aerohive A3 Aerohive A3 Walkthrough Aerohive A3 Demo