Ask The Experts: 12 Hot Wi-Fi Tips From Aerohive Customers

The job of managing or deploying Wi-Fi can raise many questions, and we have set out to answer some that are common. In this series of posts, we have therefore compiled a collection of Wi-Fi tips from experts: Aerohive customers. 

The “Wi-Fi Tips” series is a project in motion, so if you you have anything to add, please tweet @Aerohive and let us know! 


1) Roaming Troubleshooting
Power management – if you are having issues with clients roaming too often, or connections issue due to roaming, try setting radio profiles so that they do not allow the signal to be greater than 10 or 15. Then you can still use the auto setting for power on the radio, but it will be limited to no more than the max you have set in the radio profile.

2) PoE Budget
You may find your access points are rebooting after moving them to a POE switch. Although there is enough power to boot the device, there is probably an occasional draw which went over the assigned power – causing some of the APs to reboot. Increasing the power on those ports has been found resolve this reboot issue.

3) Locate the Port
If you can’t remember what switch or what port you have plugged your APs into, here is an easy way to find out. In Hivemanager NG, go to the monitor tab, then select one or multiple APs. Click on Actions, then Advanced, then CLI Access. Then type in the command ’ sh lldp neighbor ’. Click Apply. This will list the switch port, switch name, switch IP address, and a lot of other helpful information. Then if you had more than one AP selected, click on the next one in the list and click apply to keep running the command.

4) Find The White Light

When placing Aerohive APs, always place the corner light facing the main entry to a room so that you can quickly look inside the room and see the status. Very helpful in schools with door windows as you don’t have to open the door to check during class time.

5) Site Survey Tips
When creating predictive site surveys, outline the building or area of concern with 30dB “Elevator Shaft” walls to make the signal strength map look clean and professional. It will contain any random radio rays.

6) Disable Lower Data Rates
Disable the lower data rate. Deny 802.11b clients. Pick 24Mbps to be the basic data rate for 2.4GHz & 5GHz for Management Frames. One thing to remember is that many older client devices may still require lower data rates, 1 & 2 Mbps, to connect and to maintain the connection. So it’s also important to know your client requirements

7) Mix Channel Width on 5 Ghz
Don’t be afraid to mix channel widths on 5GHz – use 20MHz across your site to achieve the best range and optimum channel reuse and use 40–80MHz in the IT room so you can have zippy wireless file transfers. If you’re worried about channel overlap, reduce the output power on the 80MHz AP so the signal is confined to a smaller area.

8) Know Your Surroundings
When determining where you will place your Wi-Fi receiver, keep in mind the types of walls that are surrounding your device. Cement and brick walls cut your signal more than wood or sheetrock.

9) Manage Transmit Power
Transmit power is a key consideration within enterprise WLAN. Leaving an AP on maximum transmit power not only increases the contention domain, but weak clients may not be able to communicate back to the access point, causing higher L2 retries and therefore poorer performance. Maximum transmit power on an AP should also be set at the lowest common denominator. (power of your weakest client) to allow more robust two way communication.

10) Stolen Branch Router

For lost or stolen BRs, remember to remove the VPN key from the CVG via VPN Services -> Server – Client Credentials, else someone could find it and connect “invisibly” to your network!

11) Double Check Your Math
When setting up a new Aerohive environment, double and triple check your math … so that way there are no issues once all your hard work is done setting the network up (aka We dont have signal in this corner or that corner).

12) More Coverage Isn’t Always Better
Be careful of providing too much coverage. In an attempt to ensure we had wall-to-wall coverage, we installed too many APs and have had to throttle down the power, and even turn off antenna, in order to achieve stable connections.


Aerohive simplifies and secures your network using a cloud-managed solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. AI-driven innovation enables customers to discover untapped business insights, allowing them to implement informed decisions based on these predictive analytics, while providing unrivalled flexibility in deployment, management and licensing of cloud-managed wireless, switching, routing and security solutions.

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