April Fool’s day happens EVERY day for IT help desks…Dumb Questions Bingo is here to help!

From the beginning, Aerohive has always been in the business of enabling IT professionals to work faster and more efficient. Keeping with that tradition, Aerohive is announcing a new era for IT troubleshooting that begins today.

It’s called the DQB tool, and it’s designed to assist IT help-desks with trouble calls that are continually being repeated. DQB will enable IT to fix PEBKAC-(Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair) related issues in a lot less time than they did before.

Mobility has increased the number of devices our users carry, and with that IT helpdesk tickets also have sky-rocketed. Aerohive customers are already leveraging its Cloud-managed SD-LAN and SD-WAN technologies to auto optimize connectivity, but not even it can prevent users from forgetting their passwords (HiveManager does actually record when this happens).

To reduce the number of face plant emojis and GIFs shared between IT professionals worldwide and replace them with high five GIFs, Aerohive is launching a new helpdesk tool, DQB (Dumb Question Bingo), that IT staff can use during the support ticket process to identify common network issues.

“After a comprehensive study, we concluded that while April Fool’s Day only comes around once a year for most of us, IT helpdesks still face the prospect of Fool’s Day today, and tomorrow, and the next day,” said Brendan Bond, chief DQB designer, Aerohive Networks. “Every day, IT departments face requests that shouldn’t, but must be taken seriously, and we wanted to help them power through their frustration at the common struggle of their users.”

DQB is a vendor agnostic tool that can be leveraged by IT departments for troubleshooting any network (but if you aren’t using Aerohive, then that is your first problem).

The tool is available for free at dqbingo.com, Dumb Question Bingo is already receiving high praise from our beta group. The test group has been busy filling out their cards as we put the final touches on the product.

Managers are also reporting dramatically higher morale for IT help-desks across all industries who believe that there IS such a thing as a stupid question. Once questions are asked, administrators can quickly log in to the DQB Cloud management system to confirm it’s a problem with the user, close the ticket, and stamp their card (and have time for more terrible office coffee).

“The Aerohive DQB tool has dramatically improved our network support process”, said an anonymous IT help-desk representative. “DQB in conjunction with Aerohive’s Cloud management system helps us to quickly identify the root cause of most network issues. 99% of the time it’s the user… Obviously, and now we can prove it while having some comic relief at the same time. DQB is truly a welfare tool that all IT departments should download now.”

To learn more about Dumb Question Bingo  and to get signed up yourself, please visit www.dqbingo.com.


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