All About The 802.11ax Roadshow!

Over the past few months, our team has traveled around the US and Canada talking to customers about 802.11ax. In all, we’ve been to 23 cities, and more are coming soon. Many of our roadshows have been standing room only because of the excitement. We’ve had a great mix of existing customers, new prospects, and our partners.

Attendees nationwide have listened and learned from our industry experts on:

  • How Wi-Fi has evolved and how 802.11ax changes the technical conversation
  • How 802.11ax works and how it will impact their network
  • Top 3 considerations before deploying 802.11ax and business benefits associated with upgrading

We’ve had amazing feedback about the events, and about the technology itself. We’ve aimed to make these events educational in nature. The biggest excitement has been around OFDMA and TWT. OFDMA enables real-world multi-user communication that will drastically improve efficiency and performance in wireless networks. TWT addresses the all-important battery life issue in mobile and IoT devices.

Why wait? Upgrade to 802.11ax in 2 Steps.

We have been emphasizing the fact that you can upgrade to 802.11ax with a rip and replace AP deployment or you can use 802.11ax to augment your existing network as it is fully backward compatible. With Aerohive, you don’t have to consider whether or not your onsite controller is compatible with newer 802.11ax access points. If you have areas that you want to upgrade immediately, you (1) only have to plug in new access points, (2) push a configuration profile, and you’ll be up and running in no time. That is the beauty of cloud-managed Wi-Fi!

Hear what attendees are saying about the Aerohive 802.11ax Roadshows:

“I learned a lot during the presentation and look forward to learning more about 802.11ax and the advancements it brings to wireless” – Network Engineer, Seattle, WA

“Best vendor event in recent memory” – Network Manager, Detroit, MI

“Great presentation, clear and precise and well worth the drive from Kansas City” – IT Director, Omaha, NE

“Great content. Very pleased listening to the David Coleman getting us up-to-speed with 11ax” – CEO, Seattle, WA

“It was my first exposure to 802.11ax efficiency and OFDMA. Looking forward to working with Aerohive” – IT Manager, Atlanta, GA

“Good setting and relaxed environment. I wish more presentations were like this” – IT Director, Milwaukee, WI

“Thank goodness for presenters who don’t read from the slides and gave attendees time to absorb the information before moving on. Prefect length, engaging and relevant content” – IT Manager, National Harbor, MD

“Really great job! A lot of great information for potential customer” – Senior Account Manager, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

“Another happy Aerohive Customer, great event” – Systems Administrator, Manhattan, New York

One of the attendees of the Denver event wrote a great blog post recapping his experience. Do you want to attend a future event? Check out our events page for upcoming locations.

Are you ready to look at upgrading to 802.11ax? Let’s get started!


Aerohive simplifies and secures your network using a cloud-managed solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. AI-driven innovation enables customers to discover untapped business insights, allowing them to implement informed decisions based on these predictive analytics, while providing unrivalled flexibility in deployment, management and licensing of cloud-managed wireless, switching, routing and security solutions.

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