Aerohive Atom AP30: Enterprise Coverage At A Great Price

When the Wi-Fi first came to the enterprise, it had two things that were commonplace: it was expensive, and it was complicated. The tricky thing for the Wi-Fi industry is as the technology for WLAN’s got better, our devices continued to push the boundaries of the network. If the access points could provide faster access, devices were built to take advantage of it.

As time went on, deployments became easier with the invention of cloud-managed Wi-Fi. Gone was the complexity and cost of WLAN controllers, and IT Managers got a level anytime-anywhere management they had lacked previously. With 802.11ac, the speed of our Wi-Fi networks finally caught up with what users were accustomed to experiencing with wired networking.

With Aerohive Atom AP30, we are changing the game once again. This time, we are changing the pricing model for access points. At $599, a single Atom AP30 would be a great value considering the versatility in where it can be installed, and the amazing technology that fits into a small package. For only $599 per box, you get a total of three Aerohive Atom AP30s. If that wasn’t enough, a single cloud license will cover all three access points in the box.

What does this mean for our customers and partners? The fantastic price point of Aerohive Atom AP30 means that if you have locations that you hadn’t considered enterprise Wi-Fi for, you can now have the dependable and scalable coverage for guest access, retail analytics, and IoT applications.

One application I want to mention is the VPN capability for remote workers. Let’s say that your sales staff works remotely and travels around visiting clients. They can take Aerohive Atom AP30 with them and use it to VPN back into the corporate network to access CRM tools securely. Atom AP30 can fit in a briefcase and be moved around as needed. It’s the access point that can go with you anywhere to give secure Wi-Fi and access to the corporate network through a layer 2 VPN.

Aerohive Atom AP30 seems to check all the boxes for becoming a go-to access point: three APs  for $599, can be deployed anywhere quickly, and allows users to access corporate data securely.


Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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