Accelerating The Move To Outsourced Enterprise Wi-Fi

A week without Wi-Fi leaves 75% of us grumpier than a week without coffee.

We all expect connectivity, wherever we go, but do we really care about the piping and plumbing behind it, or do we just care about the outcome?

A growing number of organizations are beginning to outsource the responsibility of delivering and maintaining their Wi-Fi infrastructure. In doing so, they are freeing their own IT resources to focus on business growth instead of troubleshooting devices (corporate, guest, BYOD,  and IoT) when an email is not sending, a cat video is loading slowly, or an important transaction can’t take place — all because of unreliable and slow Wi-Fi.

By 2020, there will be 50 billion network connected devices, with the vast majority of those utilizing Wi-Fi as the primary connectivity medium. While Wi-Fi isn’t the mystical dark art it once was, it still requires a level of RF expertise that typically isn’t readily available in-house for many organizations.

Even with the greatest enterprise Wi-Fi solution deployed, there can still be times when the environment, a driver, or typically a user problem occurs. With a rapidly growing population of mobile devices flooding the network, most organizations would prefer that their IT department spends time optimizing mobile devices for increased business value, not download speeds.

Let Someone Else Worry About It

Outsourcing non-essential IT functions isn’t a new concept or practice for most. As IT departments continue to become an increasingly important part of business growth through digital transformation projects, Wi-Fi is being placed high on the managed service consideration list for enterprises looking to streamline operations and increase IT value.

Outsourced Wi-Fi enables solutions providers to take care of the day-to-day operations for customers, delivering on-hand RF expertise 24 hours a day. That said, IT departments usually want some control and visibility of their network. Cloud-based enterprise Wi-Fi solutions enable tiered levels of access to network management, giving organizations the choice to either completely outsource their Wi-Fi, or maintain a level of access to their management system to see what’s happening on their network.  

Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions have evolved in various areas over the last decade, becoming faster, more secure, scalable, and simpler to manage through cloud networking. The interesting thought for organizations who are outsourcing their Wi-Fi, is that the cloud networking component of Wi-Fi solutions can still be leveraged for new business value.

Cloud-based solutions are building platforms that provide customers with open APIs, such as monitoring, presence, location, identity etc., enabling them to create customized IT and business apps that use mobile device data for increased insights and engagement, unlocking value beyond connectivity.

Where does the AdvantageMSP program fit in?

Yes, it makes sense for customers to hand over the keys to the Wi-Fi kingdom, and focus instead on how mobility can best transform how they do business. This is why Aerohive started the new AdvantageMSP program, which supports both Management as a Service (MaaS) and Wireless as a Service (WaaS) business models.

With this program, channel partners provide fully managed, wireless connectivity to end customers that is fast, secure, scalable, and reliable. Add the Aerohive Cloud Services platform (open APIs for monitoring, presence, location, and identity) to the mix, and channel partners can additionally develop those coveted, custom applications that help customers extract more value from their networks.

End customers working with Aerohive AdvantageMSP partners get to shift focus from managing their Wi-Fi infrastructure, to transforming how they do business. For their part, channel partners gain new incremental revenue and margin opportunities, and a way to add value to their service portfolios.

It’s a win-win all the way around.

What’s it Going to Be? Great Wi-Fi or Great Coffee?

Outsource the management and support of your connectivity, and spend more time on meaningful business and IT projects that fuel company growth, all while reducing costs and increasing flexibility. So go ahead, enjoy that coffee AND Wi-Fi, thanks to fully managed services that prevent connectivity related grumpiness.


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Mat Edwards is Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Aerohive where he helps drive strategy and vision for Aerohive's wireless LAN solutions.

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