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iOS has gone from not existing to being one of the dominant operating systems in the world in a matter of eight years. Thanks to its ease of use, secure app store, and robust features, it’s preferred by all kinds of users — from novice technology users all the way to IT professionals. Can it do everything Android can? No, but a lot of people don’t need or want it too. iOS 9 just released in September, but my brain is already spinning on what iOS 10 might bring (or what I want it to bring). Here are my top four iOS 10 feature requests:

Enhanced Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb (DND) is a great feature already, but I feel like it could be enhanced. If you’ve not used the feature, it allows you to tell your iOS device to stop notifying you of things, either manually or on a set schedule. I have mine set from 10pm to 7am every day. I’d love to be able to have more control over this. I’d like to be able to set my work email on DND on a different schedule than my personal email. I’d also like to build location-based options. If I am at home, do not notify me of Slack DMs from certain “teams” (this would require API support for third-party apps). If I am at work, do not keep my personal email on push, but turn to fetch (to save battery). If I am at the movies (Apple Maps integration), automatically turn DND on. There are lots of options that could be added for a lot of different situations.

Wi-Fi Radio Access

The only way to get Wi-Fi data on a iOS device is to use the Apple Airport app with the scanner on. While this information is better than nothing, I’d love to see third-party apps get this information. I’d love to see a version of Wi-Fi Explorer for iOS. Since a lot of Wi-Fi networks are being installed for iOS, it would make a lot of sense to be able to gather test data with the same radio type that will be using the network.

Ability to Add Items to Videos/Music app from Outside iTunes

Currently, the only way to add media to the built in Videos and Music apps is by purchasing from iTunes on the device or by syncing them with iTunes on a Mac/PC. I’d love to see the ability to buy an MP3 album from Amazon or Bandcamp and be able to import it into the iOS Music application. As more people go iOS-only, this is a must-have feature.

Change Default Applications

While Safari and Mail are great applications, I’d love to see the ability to set new default apps in iOS 10. While you can certainly install third-party replacements, things like clicking on a link or an email address will still bring up the Apple-built default applications. One area that a lot of people would love a new default app is with maps. Apple Maps has come a long way, but Google Maps is certainly a favorite for a lot of users.

iOS has come a long way since 2007, and we’re getting to the place where the new features are edge case additions. Some of these edge cases are essential for iOS to continue to grow as the dominant post-PC device. iOS 9 brought a ton of refinement to iOS, and I am as excited about the future as ever.

Bradley Chambers has been the Director of Information Technology at Brainerd Baptist School since 2009. At BBS, he manages a network of Apple and Chrome OS devices. He also writes at Tools & Toys. The Sweet Setup, and 9to5Mac.

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