How Can You Monitor Your Wi-Fi Connection On OS X?

When it comes to monitoring your Wi-Fi connection on Mac OS X, there are plenty of options. Some are built in, but others are from third party developers. Here are some of our favorites:

Option – Click Wi-Fi icon
When you normally click on the Wi-Fi icon, you get a short list of the available SSIDs with options to create a new network, turn the WLAN adaptor off, or to join another network.

When you hold option on the keyboard while clicking, you get a much longer set of data. If you aren’t familiar with Wi-Fi technology, this information may seem greek to you. Even if you don’t have any idea what this data means, it might be helpful when troubleshooting with your IT department (for remote employees) or with hotel technical support while traveling.

Wi-Fi Explorer
This tool is invaluable for WLAN professionals. You can easily identify channel conflicts, signal overlap, or configuration problems that may be affecting the quality of your Wi-Fi at work and home. It also allows you to see your SSIDs, MAC address, device manufacturer, signal strength, noise, channel, band, security configuration, supported data rates, more. For $19.99, this app is a must have! A Pro version recently launched that adds new features. It can be purchased for $79.99

Wi-Fi Signal
From the same developer of Wi-Fi Explorer comes a $3 app that I always leave running in my Mac’s Menu Bar. Wi-Fi Signal provides access to your connection details, monitors the health of your Wi-Fi network, and can recommend alternative channels for your network. For only $5, I highly recommend it!

These are a few of our favorite Wi-Fi tools for the Mac. Did we miss any of your favorites? Tweet us and let us and let us know!

Bradley Chambers has been the Director of Information Technology at Brainerd Baptist School since 2009. At BBS, he manages a network of Apple and Chrome OS devices. He also writes at Tools & Toys. The Sweet Setup, and 9to5Mac.

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