Taking Affordable Enterprise Wi-Fi For A Test Ride

In my first post introducing Aerohive Connect, I laid out who benefits (and why) from our new line of affordable, entry-point, enterprise 802.11ac APs. In this post, we take Connect for a test ride.

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to edit and refine something that already exists than to create something entirely from scratch? Well, this is the idea behind the Quick Start Wizard for Aerohive Connect— it gives you a foundation to work from.

In just a few clicks, the wizard will help you onboard devices and create a fully operational network.

The step-by-step guided configuration and intuitive management lets customers build enterprise-level connectivity configurations in just SIX clicks. You can modify and expand the basic configuration at any point from the main menu.

It is a wonderfully fast and easy way to get into the swing of things.

1. ADD DEVICES Add your access point serial numbers then watch them automatically connect to your management console.
2. ADD LOCATION Add address of the location where your devices will be installed
3. CREATE NETWORK POLICY Create a common configuration that you can apply to multiple devices. You can create two network types: Internal and Guest Access.

Secure your network for either RADIUS or PSK

Secure your network for either RADIUS or PSK


5. CONFIGURE GUEST SSID Customize your guest experience with captive portals and provide an encrypted connection through WPA/WPA2 PSK-based or RADIUS-based authentication.
6. REVIEW SUMMARY Review and confirm the information entered in the previous steps

Voila! Within a few minutes – less than the time it takes to read this blog – you can have your access points alive and kicking on your network.

Connect is out there for anyone to try, you can get started in a matter of minutes. It’s great if you already have Connect access points in hand but if not you can use simulated APs to experience the look and feel of the UI.

Here’s how you can get started:

1) Register for a free HiveManager account here.

2) Log in to HiveManager and select the HiveManager Connect option on the Welcome Screen

3) The Quick Start Wizard pops up ready to get you up and running in six steps.

For more information, go to http://www.aerohive.com/wifi/starthere.html

Give it a try and tweet about your experience to @Aerohive. We’d love to hear what you think!

In the next few parts of this series, we will take a deep-dive into each of the tabs in the main menu of the UI to learn more about the powerful capabilities of the product.

Stay tuned for many more exciting enhancements to Connect. The industrious bees are hard at work shaping Connect into a niftier solution.

Until next time!

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Devyani is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive where she helps drive marketing strategy, adoption and overall success of Aerohive's wired and wireless LAN solutions.

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