Who Let The Dogs In?

Aerohive is a very friendly place to work, but we’ve recently taken friendly to a whole new level. Dogs are now welcome at Aerohive HQ, and many of our four-legged family members are already making regular appearances around Hive.

Above are photos of a few beloved dogs with their people. Special kudos to Denver, who showed up in a bee costume.

All canine visitors that successfully complete the registration process and endure the very strict HR interview get one of these lovely Aerohive dog collars!



In separate but related Aerohive ’n dogs news, we have two superstar Bees who went the extra mile (emphasis on extra mile!) in adopting their dogs. Both Deven, Products, and Becky, HR, recently adopted dogs from a Taiwanese-based organization, Adopt a Doggie. The organization matches dogs in Taiwan with potential owners all over the world and arranges to ship the dog to his adopting parent.

“I was turned down by US dog adoption agencies because I’m a first-time dog owner with no other pets and I live alone,” said Ducommun. “Plus Adopt a Doggie seemed like a great organization. They are very tight knit and have monthly meetings and get togethers. They really care about helping you find the right dog.”

Adoption and transportation fees for the dogs is very reasonable.

“The organization asks for a $400 adoption fee and a donation of $60 for the crate. This covers all their shots and the cost of transporting them. Because they have all their required shots when entering the country, they are not required to spend time in quarantine,” added Ducommun. After Romero met Ducommun’s dog, she decided that this was the right thing for her as well. “I heard about Devin’s experience and have wanted a dog for a long time,” said Romero. “I got in touch with them and things moved quickly after that.”

Ducommun’s dog, Harllo, is a 6-month Formosa Mountain Dog/Lab mix while Romero’s dog, Kira, is a 4-month Formosa Mountain Dog/Lab mix. When Harllo first visited HQ, he readily responded to Chinese commands but is fast adapting to English!



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