2016 In Review: Top 10 Wi-Fi (& related) Articles

We’ve covered so much here on boundless this past year, it is impossible to highlight every awesome article as part of our annual Year in Review: Those sneaky phishing attacks, single-pain-of-glass network management, how Wi-Fi should just work … 

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a “Top 10” list of articles as they relate to topics and issues that impact our readers today. 

But please consider this list to be just the tip of the ice berg. Peruse past boundless articles at your leisure. Or better yet, subscribe to ensure that you get Monday morning email alert with the prior week’s articles in one place. 

(1) What Causes Wi-Fi Interference?

In this post, Aren Gates takes at look at one might be the biggest problem for most WLAN networks: RF interference. As you look to optimize your Wi-Fi in 2017, rooting out interference should be at the top of your list

(2) How Do You Gauge The Real Speed of Wi-Fi

Often times, what is quoted on maxiumum Wi-Fi speeds isn’t what end users see. What’s the reason behind this? Nathanial Moore does a deep dive to discover to how find the real speed of WLAN networks.

(3) Whose job is it to secure the Internet of Things? *

Technology today can help contain Internet-connected things on your LAN. It’s therefore our individual responsibility to learn, adopt, and prevent attacks, writes Milind Pansare. 

(4) Decoding iBeacons, BLE, And Other Location-Based Tools

In this article, Marko Tissler takes a look at the various location based technologies. Many different types of organizations can implement location based tools to offer new efficiencies. This article is one to bookmark for future reference.

(5) Why Is Cloud-Management Better For Wi-Fi Than Cloud-Control?

Abby Strong explains why Aerohive’s model of “cloud managed Wi-Fi” is different (and better) than other’s cloud controlled Wi-Fi. Like a lot of things in WLAN networks, the details are extremely important.

(6) I Just Want To Do One Thing But Don’t Know How…

HiveManager NG is full of great features for Wi-Fi Admins. In this article, Gregor Vucajnk shows how ridiculously easy life is with the “awesome button.”

(7) Ransomware: What Is It And What Can You Do About It?

In this series, Cassimir Medford writes about how ransomware attacks are reaching epidemic levels and how IT departments are asking: Is there anything we can do to prevent it?.

(8) A New Way Of Thinking: IT Security In The Cloud Era

In this series, Peter Purton uncovers how the movement of IT services to the cloud has forced IT departments to rethink on- and off-premises security.


(9) Introducing the Software-Defined LAN: SDN at the Edge, and More

Craig Mathias explores the topic of SD-LAN. and how it is more than just protocols. It’s about moving software-driven networks to the edge (switches and Wi-Fi) to meet end-user and customer demands.

(10) What Does A Solution Design For Internet Of Things Look Like?

When looking at Wi-Fi design for Internet of Things, a solution design document can keep everyone on track during the process.customers. Neil McRae explains why this is so important.


Amanda Henry is Editorial Director, Content Marketing at Aerohive and Editor in Chief of boundless magazine.

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